Past CyCon Conferences

CyCon is the annual NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence conference which takes an interdisciplinary approach to cyber defence. Presentations vary from technical talks to legal, strategic and policy talks with many panel discussions and Q&A sessions in between. The conference also has a pre-conference workshop day where participants can enjoy a variety of talks or hands-on training.

Proceedings and videos

Each conference comes with a dedicated collection of articles and all of these are available as a free download on the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence's website. Since 2010 we have also recorded most of the talks given at our conferences and made them available for everyone interested.


CyCon 2017 (9th International Conference on Cyber Conflict)
30 May-02 June 2017

The 9th International Conference on Cyber Conflict focused on the fundamental aspects of cyber security with a theme of Defending the Core. 

CyCon 2016 (8th International Conference on Cyber Conflict)
31 May-03 June 2016Videos and proceedings

The 8th International Conference on Cyber Conflict focused on ‘cyber power’ as one of the core elements of relations between different stakeholders and will discuss how the traditional concept of ‘power’ applies to cyberspace. 

CyCon 2015 (7th International Conference on Cyber Conflict)
26-29 May 2015 Videos and proceedings

The 7th International Conference on Cyber Conflict focused on the construction of the Internet and its potential future development. This year’s topic - “Architectures in Cyberspace” - asked what cyberspace is and will be in the coming years as well as what are its characteristics relevant for cyber security.

CyCon 2014 (6th International Conference on Cyber Conflict)
3-6 June 2014 Videos and proceedings

CyCon 2014 brought together more than 450 people to discuss active cyber defence. The conference was supported by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Microsoft, Intel Security, Cisco & Lancope, Verint, IBM and Ixia. The videos and proceedings are currently available for CyCon 2014 participants; please check back here for public access in autumn 2014.

CyCon 2013 (5th International Conference on Cyber Conflict)
4-7 June 2013 Videos and proceedings

Our fifth conference focused on technical, strategic and legal implications of using automatic methods in cyber conflicts. The conference was organised along two tracks: a Strategic Track and a Technical Track. In addition we offered three workshops on 4 June to give more insight into specific topics. CyCon 2013 was supported by IEEE, Microsoft, Cisco, Verint and Ixia.

CyCon 2012 (4th International Conference on Cyber Conflict)
5-8 June 2012 Videos and proceedings

Our fourth conference focused on military and paramilitary activities in cyberspace. The topic was explored from strategic, conceptual, political, legal and technical perspectives within two parallel tracks, the Law & Policy Track and the Technical Track. Strategy Breakout Session and multiple pre-conference workshops completed the comprehensive programme offered. CyCon 2012 was supported by IEEE, Cisco, Gamma International and Microsoft.

ICCC (3rd International Conference on Cyber Conflict)
7-10 June 2011 Videos and proceedings

More than 380 experts gathered in Tallinn, Estonia, to participate in the annual International Conference on Cyber Conflict. Presentations treated the legal aspects of cyber conflict as well as the technical ones, including recent issues such as Stuxnet and iBots. The conference concluded with a presentation of the NATO cyber defence policy that was endorsed by the NATO defence ministers on Wednesday. The conference was supported by IEEE, European Union Regional Development Fund and Netwitness.

Conference on Cyber Conflict 2010
15-18 June 2010 Videos and proceedings

The conference brought together more than 300 computer security specialists from 39 countries. During the event, experts from government, private sector and the academia discussed cyber security in three parallel conference tracks: strategy, law and technical. Keynote speakers included renowned cryptographer Bruce Schneier and former cyber security adviser to the US president, Melissa Hathaway. The conference was supported by European Union Regional Development Fund, Breaking Point, Microsoft, Netwitness and Skype.

Legal & Policy Conference
9-10 September 2009 Proceedings

This expert-level conference focused on the legal and policy aspects of cyber conflict and was aimed at promoting closer collaboration among the international community of leaders and experts in government, private sector, and academia; sharing current initiatives and best practices of cyber conflict management; developing a common understanding of the multidisciplinary and layered approach to cyber conflict management and initiating an international dialogue that facilitates creation of the ideal curriculum for cyber conflict education and training programs.

Conference on Cyber Warfare
16-19 June 2009 Proceedings

The Call for Papers for the Conference on Cyber Warfare yielded an impressive agenda: 29 presentations from 13 countries, written by some of the best and brightest minds in academia, government, business, and the military. They covered the emerging field of cyber warfare in theory and in practice, from both strategic and tactical perspectives. Luminaries such as Mikko Hypponen, James Lewis, Jose Nazario, Felix Leder, Tillmann Werner, Roel of Temmingh, Amit Yoran, and Billy Rios highlighted a program that began with a presentation by The Information Warfare Monitor of the biggest network security story of 2009, Tracking Ghost Net: Investigating a Cyber Espionage Network.