CyCon stands for the International Conference on Cyber Conflict

A flagship event of the NATO CCD COE, CyCon is the leading interdisciplinary cyber defence conference organized annually in Tallinn, Estonia since 2009. Entering its second decade as the premier venue to discuss critical issues in cyber, CyCon brings together a trusted circle of decision-makers and experts representing government, military, academia and the private sector. Since 2016, with the launch of the annual CyCon U.S. conference series in cooperation with the US Army Cyber Institute, CyCon also serves as a transatlantic forum for the community of interest to discuss the most pressing issues of the cyber domain two times a year. The debates and presentations at CyCon stem both from original research papers submitted by the academic community and from insights offered by other renowned experts in the field.

The theme for CyCon 2019 is ‘Silent Battle’. During the three days of the conference, experts will exercise an interdisciplinary approach to debate this topic. Thought provoking on purpose, we can expect a diverse interpretation of the ‘Silent Battle’: a techie will think in terms of vulnerabilities, exploits and patches; a policy advisor could approach it as detection and attribution; a lawyer may interpret it with lens of responsibility; and military may approach it in terms of situational awareness. However, the underlying concern remains – the community of likeminded democracies is, more than ever before, being challenged by threats from cyberspace. Today, cyberspace provides a technological platform and an environment for diverse actors, with both positive and negative motivations, to influence everyone and everything. How best can we cope with those challenges to our national security from a strategic perspective? Where is the equilibrium in a silent battle and how can we cope with it? If  then how can AI, machine learning and big data help us? How will international law develop in light of the serious effects of state-sponsored operations that may or may not be hard to attribute? These and many other questions will shape the interdisciplinary discussions of CyCon 2019.


Unique Community-building Event

Each year, around 600 decision-makers, opinion-leaders, law and technology experts from the governments, military, academia and industry of nearly 50 countries meet at CyCon to address current cyber security challenges in an interdisciplinary manner.


Past Conferences

To see info about past conferences, visit CCDCOE CyCon webpage.