Book Launch: The Rights to Privacy and Data Protection in Times of Armed Conflict*

Recent armed conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Ukraine have demonstrated the profound risks posed to the rights to privacy and data protection in contemporary warfare. Technological advances in the fields of electronic surveillance, predictive algorithms, big data analytics, user-generated evidence, artificial intelligence, cloud storage, facial recognition, and cryptography are redefining the scope, nature, and contours of military operations. Against this backdrop, international humanitarian law offers very few, if any, lex specialis rules for the lawful processing, analysis, dissemination, and retention of personal information.

CCDCOE is proud to publish “The Rights to Privacy and Data Protection in Times of Armed Conflict,” a 15-chapter anthology produced by leading academics and practitioners and co-edited by Russell Buchan (University of Sheffield) and Asaf Lubin (Indiana University) with support from the Ostrom Workshop. The book offers a first-of-its-kind account of the current and potential future application of digital rights in conflict situations. This book launch will feature a panel discussion by the book’s editors with senior commentators about topics and themes covered in the new book.