Bridging the Theory and Practice: Cyber Law Toolkit for the Future

Since its launch at CyCon 2019, the Cyber Law Toolkit has grown to become a go-to online resource for international law and cyber operations. Several States and international organizations have expressly relied on the Toolkit in developing their views and, in addition, it is used by thousands of users per month who access it to consult its comprehensive database of national positions on international law in cyberspace, its growing catalogue of hypothetical scenarios, or to learn more about the fundamental concepts of international law and how these apply in the cyber context.

For the project to remain relevant and sustainable, the Toolkit team seeks to obtain, in an interactive session, feedback and input from those who have contributed to the Toolkit in the past (for example, as authors or peer reviewers), as well as from those who have used or use the Toolkit in their professional or academic work, and wish to be involved in its further development. The session will focus, namely, on (i) topics for new scenarios, (ii) improvement of user experience, and (iii) new features to include in the Toolkit.

Meet and network in person with other members of the Cyber Law Toolkit community and have your say in the future of the Toolkit. The session will be run in an informal manner in accordance with the Chatham House rule.