Cyber Election Interference Workshop and Tabletop Exercise

With almost 50% of the world’s population going to the polls in 2024, the issue of election interference looms large. This hands-on workshop and TTX will explore the tactics used in both attacking and defending an election. By engaging with the scenario, participants will get an opportunity to identify key markers of election interference and debate the importance of the variety of approaches that cyber-enabled operations present. Participants will be given a short brief on the fictional state of Ludostan, around which the scenario is built. They will be assigned to a red or blue team and will then have to decide what they will do in the exercise to reach their goal of either defending or undermining the election. The exercise will conclude with a debrief and plenary session to discuss the issues and lessons learned.

Because election interference has an impact on a wide variety of domains, the workshop is open to all CyCon attendees who have an interest in engaging with the topic.