How to Establish a Proactive Cyber Operational Element in NATO (this session is for conference attendees from NATO/EU/CCDCOE member countries)

CCDCOE recently published a paper arguing that no matter the outcome of the Russia-Ukraine armed conflict, Russia’s ambition to manage Europe’s security architecture will not abate. Additionally, the paper argues that should the West’s strategy of debilitating Russia’s defence industrial base be successful, Russia will resort to aggressively employing cyber capabilities in pursuit of that ambition. Consequently, the paper argues, NATO ought to establish a proactive cyber operational element to preclude, inhibit, and otherwise constrain Russia’s forecasted, aggressive efforts in and through cyberspace to weaken the EU and NATO alliances and undermine the credibility of their democratic governments. The workshop will gather key stakeholders from NATO and the EU member states to discuss and propose ideas for operationalising a proactive cyber defence posture. After the conference has concluded, participants will be provided with a short paper highlighting key insights and findings.

This session is for conference attendees from NATO/EU/CCDCOE member countries. Request for attending is done when registering and is subject to approval by organisers.