‘P.&.R.I.C.L.E.’ Protection & Resilience in a CEMA Live Environment

The aim of this demo is to show how it is possible for a networked critical/military infrastructure can be exposed to cyber threats via radio frequency once an malicious actor has knowledge about its vulnerabilities. The demo will show how it is possible to build resilience to such attacks by putting in place defensive/protective measures in the electromagnetic spectrum as an additional defensive layer in the network to be protected.

The demo will draw on a realistic operational scenario based on a cooperative air and maritime offensive operation to show the effects of a cyber electromagnetic activity (CEMA) threat on a critical military infrastructure exposed to an malicious actor’s electromagnetic spectrum operation (EMSO).

The same scenario will be run in the second part of the demo, but with the addition of a defensive layer to the radio frequency section of the whole infrastructure to demonstrate possible solutions for enhancing the resilience and protective measures of a sensitive network exposed to an EMSO.