Responsible Cyber Operations (RCO): Unpacking Principles and Mechanisms (this session is for conference attendees from NATO/EU/CCDCOE member countries)

In 2022, the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Force (NCF) published a document outlining its approach to responsible cyber operations. The document, among other things, introduces three operational principles that guide the activities of the NCF. Operations should be accountable, precise, and calibrated as well as ‘conducted in a legal and ethical manner, in line with domestic and international law’ and national values. Some countries have sought to publish material relating to their conduct of cyber operations. The Royal United Services Institute is organising this closed workshop to explore principles and mechanisms for responsible cyber operations.

The workshop will gather a select group of stakeholders to unpack how NATO member states have sought to operationalise their views on what guides responsible action in conducting cyber operations. Participants are expected to come prepared to engage in a dialogue.

The objective of this workshop is threefold: (i) to foster a dialogue on what responsible cyber operations are from a national perspective, (ii) to map experiences and perspectives on RCO, and (iii) to identify convergent and/or distinct approaches to RCO.

This session is for conference attendees from NATO/EU/CCDCOE member countries. Request for attending is done when registering and is subject to approval by organisers.