Tech Finale – Asset and Configuration Management to Support Cyber Security Strategic Goals

Tech Finale – The Evolution of OT Targeting Malware: From CrashOverride to Pipedream

The threats to OT operators continue to grow, criminal groups are targeting operators of assets for monetary gain, but state sponsored actors continue to develop their capabilities.  Each time developing a greater understanding of their target systems.  We will dive into the malware, the targets and applications of this malware and describe how an understanding of these can aid mitigation.

Keynote: Ukraine in Cyberspace: One Year After


Keynote: The Real-time Risk Challenge for Maritime Ports

The maritime transportation sector plays a crucial role in global trade and commerce, as ships and vessels transport goods and passengers across oceans and waterways. However, this sector is vulnerable to cyber threats originating from various attack surfaces and supply chain partners. To mitigate these risks, real-time attack surface and supply chain risk assessment is essential for cybersecurity in the maritime industry. 

This presentation will delve into the challenges of attack surface and supply chain risk management for cybersecurity in the maritime industry. We will explore the different types of attack surfaces and supply chain risks maritime ports and vessels face, including network, application, physical, and third-party risks. Additionally, we will examine the current state of attack surface and supply chain risk assessment in the maritime industry and the level of awareness and preparedness among stakeholders. 

Moreover, we will discuss the latest trends and innovations in real-time attack surface and supply chain risk assessment for cybersecurity. These include the use of threat intelligence, vulnerability scanning, and supply chain mapping. We will also highlight unique opportunities for innovation and partnerships, such as Trend Micro and Rescana’s recent award of the BIRD Foundation’s Cyber Pilot to address this exact challenge. 

Finally, we will look at the future of real-time attack surface and supply chain risk assessment for cybersecurity in the maritime industry. We will discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, including the potential impact of emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. Additionally, we will emphasize the importance of increased collaboration and information sharing among stakeholders to address the maritime industry’s cybersecurity challenges. 

In conclusion, real-time attack surface and supply chain risk assessment is critical to cybersecurity in the maritime industry. With the right tools and strategies, assessing and managing the risks associated with the various attack surfaces and supply chain partners faced by maritime ports and vessels is possible, ultimately protecting them from cyber threats. 

Civil/Military Cooperation in Cyberspace – How to Take It to the Next Level?

Cyber threats are more and more frequent, sophisticated and destructive. Any organization strives to protect as a priority its own networks and infrastructure against cyber threats. However, cyberspace has the characteristic of being interconnected across geographical and organization boundaries with a level of interdependencies not typically present in other domains. In this context, military institutions rely on a number of networks, systems and information provided by national and commercial stakeholders, beyond traditional Command & Control (C2). At the same time, civilian actors and stakeholders need increased protection and defence. Fostering civilian-military collaboration in cyberspace is therefore essential to improve cyber security and resilience, provide comprehensive situational awareness and support decision making at the time of relevance. In this session, challenges around civilian-military collaboration in cyberspace will be discussed with a view to identifying solutions to strengthen interactions between organizations (such as NATO), nations, industry and academia.

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