Civil/Military Cooperation in Cyberspace – How to Take It to the Next Level?

Cyber threats are more and more frequent, sophisticated and destructive. Any organization strives to protect as a priority its own networks and infrastructure against cyber threats. However, cyberspace has the characteristic of being interconnected across geographical and organization boundaries with a level of interdependencies not typically present in other domains. In this context, military institutions rely on a number of networks, systems and information provided by national and commercial stakeholders, beyond traditional Command & Control (C2). At the same time, civilian actors and stakeholders need increased protection and defence. Fostering civilian-military collaboration in cyberspace is therefore essential to improve cyber security and resilience, provide comprehensive situational awareness and support decision making at the time of relevance. In this session, challenges around civilian-military collaboration in cyberspace will be discussed with a view to identifying solutions to strengthen interactions between organizations (such as NATO), nations, industry and academia.