CyCon is organised by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, a Tallinn-based think tank, knowledge hub and training facility, together with partners from academia, private sector and governments. Volunteers help us run the conference smoothly.

If you have any questions about CyCon to which you cannot find the answer from this website, please contact


CyCon 2019 will take place from May 28-31 at the conference centre of Swissotel Tallinn (Tornimäe 3, Tallinn, Estonia).


We are pleased to offer special CyCon discount rates in selected hotels, including at the conference venue Swissotel Tallinn. All these hotels are located in the city centre within walking distance of each other and of historical and cultural sights and business and shopping districts. All discount rates listed below include buffet breakfast and WiFi.


When making your booking, please mention ‘CyCon’ to get the special rate. Please bear in mind that rooms at the special rates are subject to availability.


Swissotel Tallinn*****

Swiss Advantage Single room, CyCon rate: €155

Swiss Advantage Double room, CyCon rate: €170

Reservations: or +372 624 4444


Radisson Blu Sky Hotel****

Single/Double room, CyCon rate: €150

Reservations: or +372 682 3500


Radisson Blu Olümpia Hotel****

Standard Class Single/Double room, CyCon rate: €125

Superior Class Single/Double room, CyCon rate: €135

Reservations: or +372 631 56315


Nordic Hotel Forum****

Standard Single/Double room, CyCon rate: €124

Reservations: or +372 622 2999


Tallink City Hotel***

Standard Single room, CyCon rate: €83

Standard Double room, CyCon rate: €88

Reservations: or phone: +372 630 0808


Tallink Express Hotel**

Standard Single room, CyCon rate: €70

Standard Double room, CyCon rate: €75

Reservations: or phone: +372 630 0808

Travel to Estonia

Estonia is a part of the Schengen visa zone. Check the list of countries which do not need a visa visiting Estonia

Citizens of countries not mentioned above require a visa to enter Estonia.


By plane

Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport has direct flights to many cities, including the nearby Baltic capitals, Riga and Vilnius. It is also easy to fly in direct from many cities including Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Istanbul, Kiev, London, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm, Vienna and Warsaw. It takes 10 minutes by taxi and around 20 minutes by bus or tram to reach the conference venue from the airport. Make sure to book your flights early.

By ferry

There is a frequent ferry connection between Tallinn and Helsinki and the trip takes around 2 hours. Overnight ferries also link Tallinn with Stockholm.


By road

Tallinn is located 300km from Riga, Latvia, on the Via Baltica, part of the E67 Highway that runs to Prague. There is a choice of international bus lines connecting Tallinn with Riga, Vilnius, St. Petersburg and many German and Scandinavian cities.

More on Tallinn and Estonia

Estonia has been named ‘the most advanced digital society in the world’ by Wired and ‘the digital republic that has quite possibly found the way of the future’ in the New Yorker


More facts and stories on Estonia and Tallinn


For recent local news in English visit the Estonian World portal and national public broadcaster ERR


Enjoy like a Local

Although the CyCon programme will keep you busy and entertained most of the time, here are some tips from locals for discovering Tallinn before or after the conference.

Other helpful information


Estonia uses East-European Time (EET) which is one hour ahead of Central European Time (CET). It is GMT+2 in winter and GMT+3 in summer.


European-style 2-pin plugs are in use.

Money and banks

Estonia uses the Euro. ATMs can be found all around Tallinn. Beware that an Estonian ATM gives you your money first, and only then returns the card. Worse, you have to ask the machine to give your card back. Luckily for you, these machines speak English.


Although the popularity of WiFi is declining in favour of mobile data connection, Tallinn is still packed with public WiFi hotspots. In particular, you can connect yourself in any decent cafeteria or pub.

WiFi is also offered by all hotels.


Please contact with any further questions.