Alexandros Zacharis

Alexandros Zacharis (CISM, CISSP) is a Cyber Security Expert, currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Piraeus. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and Telecommunications, and a Master’s degree in Computer Science. Alex has worked for organizations like GRNET CERT, ENISA, and the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA now EUSPA).

Alex is currently leading the design and technical implementation of the Pan-European Cyber Security Exercises Series named CYBER EUROPE. He regularly contributes to the portfolio of ENISA as an instructor of the “Train the Trainers” program, where he is mentoring CSIRT teams across Europe on topics like incident handling and artifact analysis and has major contributions in products like the ENISA, AR-in-a-Box and the Interoperable EU Risk Management Framework and Toolbox.

Alex’s expertise in Cyber Security has been recognized by the industry, with his work being featured in high-profile conferences like DEFCON 22 and BLACKHAT ASIA ’23. His research interests include Advanced Exploitation Methods and Mitigation Strategies, Digital Forensics, Sensors (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence.