Dr Bruce Watson

Bruce is Chief Advisor (Technical) at the Non-profit NGO National Security Centre-of-Excellence (Canada) and a Global Commissioner on Responsible AI in the Military Domain (GC-REAIM). Additionally, he is chief scientist and advisor to IP Blox, Impendo, and several other companies – specializing in explainable AI, post-quantum cryptography, secure supply chains, and cybersecurity. He worked on compilers and programming languages (e.g., for Microsoft), followed by engineering and architecture work on pattern recognition for security (e.g., for Cisco), and optimization of chip designs (e.g., for ASML). Watson has been a presenter, participant and reviewer at several CyCons, including moderating various AI and Quantum Computing panels. Watson’s first Ph.D is in computing science and engineering from Eindhoven, after studying discrete mathematics and computer science in Waterloo (Canada). He later returned to Eindhoven as chair of Software Construction. Watson’s second Ph.D is from the University of Pretoria. He has published more than 100 papers and graduates several dozen Masters and Ph.D students, most of them cum laude.