Kadri Kaska

Kadri Kaska is a Senior Cybersecurity Expert at the e-Governance Academy since spring 2022. Prior to her current role, she worked for well over a decade at the NATO CCDCOE as the Head of the Law Branch and a cybersecurity legal and policy researcher, with her main areas of expertise being national cybersecurity strategy and governance frameworks, and law applicable to state cyber activities. Between 2017–18, Kadri was seconded to the Estonian Information System Authority, where she worked as a lead cyber policy and threat analyst, and was the lead author and editor of annual Estonian Cybersecurity Assessments. She was one of the authors of Estonia’s Cybersecurity Act and the 2018 Cybersecurity Strategy.

Kadri’s early career was in telecommunications – as a legal adviser at the Estonian national communications and competition regulators, she provided legal support in issues ranging from spectrum management and standardisation to telecommunications market regulation and legal drafting. Kadri has also worked with several international and regional organisations in cybersecurity capacity building over the years. She holds a master degree in law from the University of Tartu. She speaks Estonian, English, and Swedish.