Luca Iuliano

Embarking on his career in 2004 as an officer in the Italian Army, after rigorous training at the Military Academy of Modena and the School of Application and Advanced Military Studies in Turin, he rapidly advanced, overseeing crucial communication systems. His rise continued in 2014 as the Vice-Head of the ARMY Computer Emergency Response Team, crafting strategies against cyber threats. His expertise led to roles in significant missions such as UNIFIL, NATO KFOR, and Operation Inherent Resolve, underlining his adeptness in operational communication security. In 2019, after various assignments in the strategic and operational direction of the Armed Forces’ cyber capability, he founded the Army’s Cybersecurity Unit, enhancing defense strategies within the Operational Theater. His trajectory took a corporate turn in 2021 as the Director of Engineering at Telsy, TIM Group, a company renowned for its excellence in producing devices for the protection of national classified information, where he integrated innovation and engineering for national security. Holding a Strategic Sciences degree two Master’s degrees in Cyber Security and one in Politics and Management on MENA, he’s now enriching his knowledge with an Executive MBA at Luiss Business School.