Manisha Parmar

Ms. Manisha Parmar is Head for the NATO Cyber Security Centre’s Capability Development Team located in The Hague, Netherlands.  In this role, Manisha leads a large team of experts for the planning, design, deployment and uplift of critical NATO cyber security services.  These services are used to protect NATO’s assets and, by extension, NATO’s users in both the NATO Enterprise and for NATO Allied Operations and Missions around the world.  Manisha has spent over the last 10 years working for NATO and leading medium to large teams, both within the NCI Agency (Netherlands) and NATO’s Allied Command Transformation (Virginia, USA). Prior to joining NATO in 2013, Manisha spent over 10 years working in Calgary for a major defence company designing military grade solutions for both the Canadian and US Armies.  From a pedigree perspective, Manisha is a ‘techie’ at heart, completing both her Bachelors and Master’s degrees in Computer Science, and is a huge advocate for studies in STEM. Manisha is currently pursuing her Doctorate via the Cardiff Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom. Besides being a passionate Cyber Security professional and leader, Manisha loves to travel and has taken the opportunity of living in both the US and Europe to see and visit several destinations.  “Seeing the world, experiencing new cultures and understanding how people live in the global community is one of the best ways to expand our horizons and mind sets.  It also prepares someone for living and working in the international environment, which is truly a rewarding experience!”