Prajwol Kumar Nakarmi

Prajwol Kumar Nakarmi is a RAN security SPM at Ericsson, responsible for security and privacy controls in Ericsson RAN products.

Prajwol joined Ericsson as a security researcher in 2011 and became a Senior Specialist in 2019. He has worked with many aspects of mobile network security: standardization, anomaly detection and prevention, privacy-enhancing mechanisms, security architectures, use of AI to improve security, and air interface fuzzing. He has been an active member of the Ericsson 4G/5G security standardization team in 3GPP.

Prajwol is particularly proud of his contributions to privacy enhancements in 5G, with solutions against IMSI catchers. He drove the standardization of SUCI, 5G-GUTI refresh, decoupling of SUPI from the paging procedure, and false base station detection. Prajwol is also an inventor at Ericsson and occasionally publishes research papers. He provides expertise to Ericsson’s Ericsson’s PSIRT and represents Ericsson in the GSMA CVD Panel of Experts.

Prajwol holds a Master’s degree in Security and Mobile Computing (Erasmus Mundus Programme) from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden and Aalto University, Finland.