Prof. Dr Gabriel Raicu

Prof. Dr Gabriel Raicu is the Rector of Maritime University of Constanta (CMU) and the Director of Maritime Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (MARCYSCOE). He spearheaded the creation of the first-ever maritime cybersecurity simulator and was instrumental in establishing the inaugural maritime sectoral CSIRT. Annually, in collaboration with the European Security and Defense College, he coordinates the BSCySeC#X conference series and the Cyber ETEE Summer School. Prof Raicu holds a master’s degree in maritime engineering and a doctoral degree in cybernetics. His work in the domains of cybersecurity early warning with applications in the energy industry, the protection of critical maritime infrastructures, and developing cybersecurity infrastructures and logistics has been influential. In addition to these responsibilities, he is the vice president of the Cybersecurity Cluster of Excellence (CYSCOE), an organization that brings together businesses, public authorities, and academia to promote cybersecurity’s development and societal integration. Furthermore, he maintains leadership roles in a range of national and international cybersecurity organizations.