Sqn Ldr Tara Brown

Sqn Ldr Tara Brown is a military professor at the Stockton Center for International Law at the US Naval War College, where she co-teaches a course on Air, Space and Cyber Law. She is also studying for her PhD. Her research area is whether the current legal framework is robust enough to respond to threats in outer space that fall below the level of an armed attack. This is particularly timely as the UK through its 2021 Integrated Operating Concept shifts its traditional approach in military philosophy.

Sqn Ldr Brown has also taught at the Defense Institute of International Legal Studies. She was also involved in the State Consultation process for the Woomera Manual on the International Law for Military Activities and Operations in Outer Space. She has also posts published by the Articles of War that consider whether the activities of commercial actors in outer space can draw States into armed conflict, as well as other matters relevant to the Russia and Ukraine international armed conflict.