Vice Adm. Javier Roca

Captain Roca was Head of the Information and Knowledge Management Section, in charge of leading the Digital Transformation of the Spanish Navy.
He was promoted to RA , when in November 2023, after more than 3 years as its 2nd Commander, he was appointed Commander of the Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE), responsible for the direction, coordination, control and execution of actions leading to ensuring freedom of action of the Armed Forces in cyberspace. But prior to navigate into the cyberspace he navigated around the world aboard, sailing in different ships or flying the SH-60 helicopter for more than a decade.
General Staff course in CHILE, Master of International Security at the US Naval War College or International Capstone Course (ICC) for General Officers in FRANCE, are some of the different courses he had taken. Also he has been posted in ITALY at the headquarters of the NATO Naval Projection Force (STRIKFORNATO).
He also completed a Master’s degree in “Peace, Security and Defence” and he is a university expert in “Humanitarian Aid and Cooperation”.